Our journey was created after an endless search for something unique and different for my boy/girl twins. After struggling for almost 4 years to get pregnant, I knew these babies were special. There was no way I could just put anything into their nursery!! I needed something beautiful, timeless, a piece they would have forever. I needed to find something that would reflect the miracles of which these babies stood for. I realized the only way to have what I was looking for, was to create it. The best way for me to maintain the memory of this blessing was to create that memory myself. My sole goal is to be able to create that same memory for you. Something that will always connect you to the happiest times of our lives! I truly look forward to working with you!


Your letters are each individually hand crafted. All of the materials are sourced, cut, affixed, and shipped, by myself and my husband. Every letter is individually hand cut, and sanded. With your order I will create an exclusive and uniquely designed template for you incorporating your bedding, colors, and theme. If you have a particular shade of color you are looking for, please provide a color code so we can make sure they match (if you need help with the color code, please message me). After your approval of the design, we will begin work on cutting the materials. Due to the custom nature of these projects, our turnaround time is typically around 4 weeks however this can vary depending on the volume of orders. This is to ensure that all details have been double and triple checked! We do offer a rush option which would carry an additional fee. Once the project is completed, we will send you pictures of your letters before shipment. This is again, to add another layer of quality control, and to guarantee when you receive your letters, they are exactly how you imagined them! All packages are meticulously wrapped and shipped 2 or 3 day Priority Mail (for domestic shipping, 6-10 days for International).



We only use the highest quality materials. Our Premium Design Paper is sourced from South Carolina. It is properly weighted to maximize color and decrease fading. Our ink is sourced from upstate New York and is fade resistant up to 98 years. We use high quality ½” birch hardwood for the letters and back panels. Our birch is sourced locally from the Southwestern Ohio region. Our ribbon is sourced from Southern California and is high quality grosgrain, as well as, beautiful satin bows for hanging. We always try to source our materials locally as we truly believe that if we know our materials we can always guarantee the quality of our work.